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Every two years the World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) gathers together the global community of individuals and organisations committed to upholding the integrity of research. This year’s conference covered...
Moos RH, Solomon GF. Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory response patterns in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. J Psychosom Res. 1964;8:17-28 George Freeman Solomon was born on 25th November 1931 in Freeport,...
A deep look into an eye
Are you interested in submitting your research to our journal Ophthalmologica? This podcast episode provides expert insights and tips to success from Martin Zinkernagel (Ophthalmologica, Editor-in-chief) and Marco Casola (Publication Manager, Karger). Listen now
Bricks displaying the words "action" and "correction"
A core part of publication ethics is that when published research is affected by errors or misconduct, it must be corrected. This webinar explains both, the process of fixing errors...
Bricks displaying the word "peer review"
Peer-reviewers play a crucial role in ensuring the trustworthiness, quality, integrity, and reproducibility of an article. Join Gráinne McNamara (Research Integrity / Publication Ethics Manager, Karger), as she talks about...

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